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Armstrong Easy Pickens - Black Oil Sunflower Kernel 1 x 3.18 kg

Attracts: Finches, Woodpeckers, Grosbeaks, Jays, Black-cappe..

Armstrong Easy Pickens - Nyjer Seed - 1.8 kg Single

Ingredients: Nyjer seeds
Attracts: American Gold Finches, H..

Armstrong Easy Pickens - Peanuts-in-Shell 1 x 4.54 kg

Best used with a platform feeder or used on the ground.

Armstrong Easy Pickens - Sunflower Chips (New Black Oil Chips) - 1.8 kg Single

Straight seeds desired by specific beautiful wild birds! Sun..

Armstrong Royal Jubilee - Brilliance - 2.27kg Single

Best used with a large port tube feeder, hopper feeder or pl..

Armstrong Royal Jubilee - Jays Blend - 2.27kg Single

Best used in platform feeder

Comes in 2.27KG and 7.25KG s..

Armstrong Royal Jubilee Bells & Treats - RJ Birders Choice Bells - 340 g Single

Comes with built-in hook – for hanging on a tree branch, s..

Armstrong Royal Jubilee Suet - Berry N' Nut - 320 g Single

This suet is formulated with berries and nuts that attracts ..

Armstrong Royal Jubilee Suet - Berry Supreme - 300 g Single

Best used with a wire suet cage, or hopper feeder with built..
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